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“Fire is inevitable. You can defer it, but it’s a pay-me-now-or-pay-me-later scenario.” Don Falk, a forest-and-fire ecologist, University of Arizona

It is the extraordinary level of neglect and mismanagement of the flammable trees of Portugal that provided the fuel for the fires. The eucalyptus tree, itself should not be blamed.

Fuel management law has been rapidly amended after the 2017 fires. Read them carefully because you are not required to indiscriminately cut down every tree, flammable or inflammable…

What is a firebreak, fuel break, shaded fuel break, unshaded fuel break, fuel management band/strip/measure? They are all different but often used interchangeably.

The steeper the slope the longer the flame lengths and faster-moving the fire. Houses perched on hilltops or sharp ridges can be exposed to wind and fire on all sides.

Few of us have a clear 50 metre radius around our houses, where we can control fuel management. Intruding land that needs cleaning by non-compliant owners poses a fire risk to your home.

For those rebuilding their burnt-out or fire-damaged properties or renovating a property in Portugal, there is a lot you can do to prepare your home for future wildfires.

…is the designated time of year when fire prevention measures and special actions may be taken due to exceptional meteorological circumstances. 30 June 2018 is the amended start date this year.

Tips on how to use your water hose effectively on burning vegetation – it is HOW and WHERE and in what QUANTITY that counts when using water on a fire.

To find out when you can have a bonfire, whether there is a high risk of wildfire or an ongoing wildfire in your area, you can check these websites for updates and information.